Ogio White Zinfandel - ~$6

With the arrival of summer, Fresh & Easy is rolling out its summer line of rosés and white Zinfandels. In addition to domestic names such as Sutter Home and Beringer, I counted (I think) a half dozen imports. I'll be reviewing the internationals over the next couple of weeks.

we start things off with Ogio' offering, a dry white Zin. I should say that I believe all of the imports are dry, so no need to worry about the cloying, syrupy sweetness of the "classic" off-dry American "blush" wine.

Ogio's pink bottling is the palest of the Fresh & Easy bunch, not quite onion skin but certainly not as dark-hued as some of the Tempranillo roses. It offers pleasant, albeit slight, aromas of strawberry and roses. True to the advertised 12.5% ABV, it features a nice vibrant acidity immediately in the mouth. This is pleasant enough, but no real fruit presence develops (a real let down in a rosé wine!) and in the end it's rather a banal, closed affair.

Quite disappointing given my high hopes for another Ogio success.


Drinkability: 4.5/10
Price: 4.5/5
Total value: 9/15

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