Ogio 2007 IGT Primitivo - ~$6

Here's another pleasant surprise from Italy. I've had Fresh and Easy's Ogio Pinot Grigio and found it banal. Not so with the Primitivo. For those in need of an introduction, the Primitivo grape is a Zinfandel clone, grown pretty much exclusively in the Puglia region of Italy (the heel of the boot, AKA Apulia).

The Ogio Primitivo has a nice Zin nose, featuring cedar, spice, and a whiff of wet earthiness. Drink it (please do!) and you get dark raspberry, clove, and a hint of licorice, closed out by moderate tannins. It's straightforward wine, certainly, but tasty in its own small way.

Some words of warning: for anyone expecting a Cali Zinfandel experience, this is not your wine. There is nothing brawny about this wine, nor is their even a trace of oak on the back end. By the same token, it's not drenched in alcohol, featuring instead a nice acidity that will make for a good match with grilled meat, stews, etc.

In short, it's a nice Italian quaffer that's a great deal for ~$6.


Drinkability: 8/10
Price: 5/5
Total value: 13/15

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  1. So far yummy. Second glass and still enjoying. It's got nice flavor, not over-powering and for $5 what's not to like

  2. loving this right now!! Just opened it. wasn't expecting much because the back description mentions chocolate flavour.

    Very good for the price (I got it for 7.50 in canada)

  3. Quite delicious fir the price point. Keep up your "best of" section. Makes shopping a snap!

  4. I'm glad you are finding the "best of" useful. I learned recently that F&E is doing closeouts on a few of their house brands; I suspect they'll be rolling out some new product soon - hopefully more than a few will be best ofs!

  5. Bought it in South Korean for about 9,000 won, and I was pleasantly surprised by the note of cloves. It's very enjoyable--in fact, I'm drinking it right now--but I do envy those of you who only paid $5.


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