Napa Family Vineyards Chardonnay ~$12

This is a pretty nice, albeit generic California Chardonnay. It hits some typical Cali Chard notes: ripe pear, tropical fruit and vanilla on the nose, a slightly viscous glycerin mouthfeel, and fruit cocktail syrup, pineapple, and toasty oak on the palate.

It’s a good, well-made wine, but not a great bargain at ~$12, especially with the price of the superior Small Wonders Chardonnay seemingly reduced to ~$10.


Drinkability: 8/10
Price: 3/5
Total value: 11/15


  1. I'm pretty fond of California Chardonnays and I would agree - I liked this, didn't love it. I bought it on sale. Don't think I would buy it at full price.


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