Cape Peak 2008 Syrah - ~$5

This Syrah comes from South Africa’s Western Cape, which doesn't really tell you much. It is like saying "California" or "South Eastern Australia."  I wasn't fond of Fresh & Easy's Cape Peak Chardonnay because it had an odd, non-varietal taste.

This Syrah’s a bit of a different story, in that it takes the flavor profile of a soft, dark, fruity Australian Shiraz in a rather extreme direction.  Though the nose is interesting, offering plummy earthiness, sweet tobacco, and clove,  in the mouth this wine's candied blackberry sweetness is a bit overwhelming.  It's as though the winemkaer thought to himself, "If they like that [yellow tail], they're going to love this!"  I don't mind [yellow tail] (aside from the silly typography), but this wine seems bit too eager to please.

At ~$5, though, this wine will definitely find many fans among the fruit bomb set.


Drinkability: 5/10
Price: 5/5
Total value: 10/15


  1. Loved it with appetizers and a light dinner, and what a bargain!

  2. This is my go-to sip-wine-during-a-movie wine. Dark and fruity, I don't find it overly sweet. I doubt you could find better for the price!


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