Ca'Maritta 2008 Valpolicella ~$7

Here's a nice light-bodied Italian red wine from the Valpolicella DOC.  This is soft, fruity wine, very much in keeping with the regional style, and a good deal at ~$7.  It offers cherry and violet notes on the nose and follows through with cherry and ripe plum in the mouth.

It's not as robust as a Chianti, but is nevertheless a good food wine.  Think hors d'oeuvres rather than main course.


Drinkability: 8.5/10
Price: 4/5
Total value: 12.5/15


  1. yucky wine, not good at all. too vingar

  2. You might have gotten a corked bottle, by which I mean the cork failed and the wine became horribly oxidized. That would account for the acetic acid - vinegar - that you're tasting. I would bring the bottle back to your local F&E and ask for a new one.

    If you still don't like it, well, Valpolicella might not be for you.


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