Conquista 2007 Torrontés - ~$8

Torrontés is the white counterpart to Malbec in the sense that it is not very widely grown outside of Argentina. The similarities most definitiely end there, though. Where Malbec typically features dense, rich red fruit, Torrontés is more of wisp of wine, highlighted by delicate floral fragrance and spice. I expect that it'll soon displace Viognier as the hip, refreshing summer white.

Speaking of new, here we have a recent arrival on the Fresh & Easy wine shelves, Conquista's 2007 Torrontés from Mendoza. That it's from Mendoza is of note only because, while that region is Argentina's most famous, Torrontés does its best work up north in Salta.

In the glass this is decidedly golden wine in appearance. The nose offers notes of honey, honeysuckle and gardenia. On the palate it's rather sweet, featuring honey and peach syrup with the fat mouthfeel tapering off into a bit of lime zing at the end. It seems to me like a lusher, more tropical take on Gewurztraminer.

If you like spicy, slighty sweetish Gewurtzes and Reislings, you should give this wine a try. At ~$8, though, it's pretty far from a value wine, as you can get lots of good (and some better) Torrontés at this price.


Drinkability: 8/10
Price: 2.5/5
Total value: 10.5/15

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