El Burro 2006 "Kickass" Garnacha - ~$10

I've intimated my dislike of "crazy" wine labels and/or names elsewhere, so I won't spend much time on the shortcomings of the marketing campaign devised by the makers of El Burro's Kickass Garnacha. I will say that that is one stultified-looking burro on the label, though.

The wine in the bottle is a red, a Garnacha (Spanish for Grenache), which is making some very nice varietal wines nowadays. The nose on this wine is promising, featuring cherry, candied red fruit, pencil lead, and some soily earthiness underneath it all.

In the mouth it's a bit more acidic than most Garnachas I've had. It's grippy, rustic wine, one marked more by sour cherry than raspberry. The finish veers toward a sour funkiness and somewhat abrasive tannins, both of which are offputting. In the end, it's a bit too rustic for my taste.


Drinkability: 4/10
Price: 3/5
Total value: 7/15

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