Ogio Prosecco Spumante ~$9

With the holiday season comes the sparkling wines.  True, I do enjoy a variety of sparklers during the summer months (when they show their best, to me at least), but the end of the year - the celebration of getting through yet another one mostly unscathed, we hope - is the traditional "Champagne" season.

Fresh & Easy offers more than a few sparklers, and I plan to drink many of them.  (At your implied behest, of course).  This Spumante from Ogio is not a Champagne, as the Champagne advocates will not hesitate to tell you (sometimes in court).  I stipulate the point, but the Champagne folks can get a bit pedantic.

But back to the bottle at hand.  This is a nice, somewhat innocuous sparkling wine.  There's a bit of citrus on the nose and the palate is pleasant balance of lemon zest and peachy sweetness.  I should mention that the "Extra Dry" designation means that the wine is a bit off-dry (i.e. sweet).  Blame the French for the confusion.  All in all, a pleasing, simple confection, well-suited for the role of aperitif.


Drinkability: 7/10
Price: 4/5
Total value: 11/15

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