Bon Midi (~$4)

Pays d’Oc wines are cropping up everywhere in the U.S.  Bon Midi, a recent addition to the wine selection at Fresh & Easy, is an instance of these wines. It’s a blend of Merlot (55%) and Grenache (45%) from the Vin de Pays de L’Hérault appellation in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France (the name “Bon Midi” means “The Good South,” more or less, “le Midi” being a colloquial term for the South of France).
Given the astonishingly low price (~$4) and the fact that I’m always on the lookout for cheap, good table wines, I had to give this a try. I think I’ve found just one of those wines.
After being poured and sitting in the glass for thirty minutes or so (you really want to let any wine under $5/bottle open up in a glass), the wine offered up earthy aromas of porcini mushrooms and cedar.
The palate offers up light strawberry, dried cherry, and a rustic earthiness throughout. The finish, not surprisingly, is quite short. All in all, a nice everyday sort of wine, one whose light style and low alcohol (12% ABV) make it a good food wine, albeit a somewhat innocuous one.


Drinkability: 6/10
Price: 5/5
Total Value: 11/15


  1. Great wine. Very subtle w/o the oaky, earthy inconsistencies of cheap wines. The finish is quick, but the temperament is perfect!

  2. This is an awesome wine. It reminds me of buying wine at the gas stations in europe for about $4 - this is the quality you'd get, which at the time was astonishing.

  3. This is an execellent red wine, for the price you cannot beat it, when I have friends over who know their wine, and tell them what do you think of this wine, I have very favourable comments......


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